Commissioned and Other Portraits

Leon Morrocco, artist

Commissioned or Other Portraits

I have been photographing people for many years.
Get in touch if you are interested in commissioning me to take your portrait.
Alistair Williams and Joe Ridout, bespoke furniture makers
David Hockney, artist, at Villa Igiea, Palermo
Dr Mark Ali
Letizia Vittoriano, architect
Una De Wet, interior designer
Simon Bush, pilot
Tracy Tredoux, nutritional therapist
Sammy Dent, artist, in her London studio
Montano Nisotto, banker
Rosemary Livingstone, flower decorator
Hans Nilsson, engineering consultant
John Parsons, "Lew Dite" folk singer
Damien Soning, motorcyclist
Marco Gambino, actor
Behi Shamiri, painter
Hans Nilsson, engineer and cyclist

More coming soon!