All of my images can be framed in a variety of ways to suit your tastes and home décor.

My preferred method for displaying my high resolution and richly toned prints is for them to be made as “acrylic glass” prints, which are prints mounted onto a 3mm aluminium dibond back and with a block of acrylic glass bonded on top, between 2mm thick (for prints with frames) and 6mm thick (for unframed prints up to c. 120x180cm sizes, larger sizes are 2-4mm thickness).

These can be presented with or without a surrounding frame. Without is for a modern, sleek look, or with a wooden or aluminium frames gives the image more substance. 

These solid wood frames can be in smooth white wood, black oak or brown alder, or in natural oak, walnut or maple.

Aluminium frames can be silver, gold or black.

All of my images made as acrylic glass prints can be in any size, on a single panel, up to 500cm wide x 240cm tall.

Traditional framing with an acid-free mount (or matt) board also looks fantastic, but because glass is more fragile, the maximum sizes I limit my prints to with these frames is 135cm width in panoramic (1:3) format, or 100cm in standard (2:3) format. They are available in larger sizes on special order, please email me for more details.

Frequently asked questions on buying a print 

Different frame styles and colours to suit your taste

6mm acrylic glass, no frame

6mm acrylic glass, no frame

Acrylic Glass frame with maple frame

Acrylic glass print, framed in solid maple

unframed print

Prints also available unframed, as archival giclée on 100% cotton photo rag art paper

Wooden frame with mount

Wooden frame with mount board under glass

Acrylic glass print with black oak floater frame

Acrylic glass print with black oak Basel frame


Framing is very much a matter of personal taste.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss what might work well in your home or office.

If you send me an image of your room, I can superimpose with photoshop your choice of image onto your wall. Seeing it in context can help you decide better your frame choice as well as the size of image.

Adam Butler Panarea Panorama in acrylic glass framed
Basel frame brown alder solid wood frame

The default framing style

The default framing for any acrylic glass print on this website are wooden frames, which I have chosen for their minimalist elegance. These are either the Basel style which has a 9mm shadow gap around the picture, or the Hamburg style. See details below.

All images ordered as framed acrylic glass prints up to 150cm wide will have a frame with a front section 15mm (Basel) or 20mm (Hamburg) wide and 31mm deep, and can be either in white maple, black oak, brown alder, or in natural woods of walnut, oak or maple. The oak and walnut frames have visible grain texture, the others are smoother.

Larger sized prints wider than 150cm are priced with the same frames and colour options as above but the front profile section will be 31mm wide (Basel) or 40mm wide (Hamburg).

If you would like to order an acrylic glass print in a size of 150cm or smaller and would prefer the wider profile wooden Hamburg or Basel frames, or any aluminium slim or square profile frame, there will be a slight cost difference, please contact me for details.

See more details see below.

Basel frame brown alder 15mm

Basel 15mm brown alder shadow gap frame
For framing acrylic glass prints up to 150cm wide

Basel frame 15mm section

Basel 15mm brown alder wood shadow gap frame cross section

Basel 31mm brown adler frame

Basel 31mm x 31mm brown alder frame
For framing acrylic glass prints over 150cm wide

Basel 31mm section

Basel 31mm section

Basel frame, 20mm profile in black oak

Basel frame, 20mm profile in black oak.
For framing acrylic glass prints up to 150cm wide

hamburg frame, 20mm, brown wood

Hamburg brown alder frame 20mm cross section

Hamburg, Walnut 40mm

Hamburg frame, walnut 40mm
For framing acrylic glass prints wider than 150cm

Basel 31mm section

Hamburg, brown alder 40mm section

Other framing options

There are other options and styles to frame your choice of print which are illustrated here.
Please note the prices on this website for “framed acrylic glass prints” are for Basel or Hamburg framing options.
Other framing materials or options will have slightly different prices, please contact me for precise costs.

Natural aluminium frame 30 x 30mm

San Francisco aluminium frame 30 x 30mm,
available in white, grey, brown or black

Aluminium Artbox slim frame 2mm edge x 31mm depth

Aluminium Artbox slim frame 2mm x 31mm

Aluminium Artbox Black 25mm

Aluminium Artbox slim frame 2mm x 31mm

San Francisco Aluminium Artbox Black

San Francisco Aluminium Black 30 x 30mm