Iditella Sunrise 2020

Iditella Sunrise, October 2020

Sunrise, Iditella. It took me a long time to edit this multi-shot panorama as I wanted to get it just right.
What is important in images such as this is the glow of the light and the warmth of certain tones, which need to evoke the majestic scene of the sun rising above the horizon, showering everything in its golden glow,
and all of the gold-leaf like flecks of sunlight on the leaves of the trees and bushes as the low light illuminates them. I take many of these images but only in some are the clouds spread out harmoniously as in this scene here –
as if radiating radially from the sun. The house in the foreground is of a good friend of mine, and I can assure you the the views from the terraces are as spectacular as you can imagine.
The sunrises as seen from the northern side of Panarea as the most spectacular I know with the alignment of the island elements and the layout of the land.

I also concurrently shot a timelapse of this amazing morning, see it on the timelapse gallery.