London Panoramic Photographs

Wide sweeping high resolution panoramic views of London

My London panoramic photographs have been extensively exhibited in art galleries and art fairs throughout London and are in countless private, corporate and local government collections all over the world.

They are all of extremely high resolution and with an immense amount of detail, as they have been created by stitching together many separate shots to make a resulting wide sweeping panorama. This wide format allows to show in great resolution a huge span of the London skyline. This I believe leads to very pleasing descriptions of this amazing city, be they of London’s tall skyscrapers in The City, views across the River Thames, a bird’s eye view across the rooftops of the city from a high vantage point, or an more intimate street, architecture or river scene.

How I started to make panoramic photographs of London

Back in 2003 an Italian lawyer friend asked me to make for him a wide view of the area around St Paul’s cathedral where he lived. He was moving back to Italy, and was interested in having a view of his old neighbourhood, as highly detailed as possible. I knew a high viewing gallery right across the Thames, and knew capturing a detailed image from there would look fantastic. Since I had recently acquired a digital camera, I thought I could shoot many photographs with a telephoto lens and then stitch the resulting images all together in Photoshop into a wider view, rather like making a patchwork quilt. This was long before there was any practically useable software to help stitch them together, and the process took me a week of intricate and painstaking work. But the end result was immensely satisfying, and I sent off the print to my friend Stefano, by now in Milan. He loved it so much he immadiately ordered another print to give to his parents, and told me his framer was very surprised at the image as he had never seen anything like the minute detail in thepanorama!

Why I make them

Creating panoramic photographs of London is a fantastic way to capture the great city. I like how with a panorama, you tend to “read” the image from left to right, as opposed to a standard format view in which the centre or composition leads your eye into a generally more specific part of the scene. A skyline is therefore perfectly suited to the wider format and proportions of a panorama. The resulting level of detail and richness of tone of these blended multi-shot images lends itself well to the immense detail of buildings in a city. It is also something that was hitherto impossible to achieve with any sort of film or digital camera. Since the advent of panoramic stitching software (such as Photoshop or PT Gui) this has simplified the process enormously, and I can now finally concentrate more on the composition and viewpoints, seeking out the most evocative views of London at the most poetic times of day to capture them.

Equipment I use

For many of the earlier London panoramic photographs on this website I used a medium format digital Hasselblad camera. However since 2015 I’ve used digital Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras, because of their more portable size and wider range of lenses, especially the long telephoto lenses. I use the most modern, super sharp Nikon lenses, mainly primes, wherever possible, from 50mm to 500mm focal length, including various tilt shift lenses.Alhtough they are clearly very practical, I don’t use many zoom lenses as  until recently they were just not sharp enough. They also have more visible vingetting (darker corners), and they can also distort more, an important consideration when making these ultra high resolution digitally blended panoramic photographs. However the latest Nikon S lenses for their mirroless cameras are exceptionally good, and I have begun using one of their zoom lenses  – the optically excellent 70-200 f2.8 – with great success.

There is practically no limit to the size and level of detail of which you can make these panoramic cityscapes. Also popular are “gigapixel” views of breathtaking detail, sometimes 360º views, necessitating a computer controlled unit placed on a tripod and hugely powerful computers for the processing. I don’t do these as I focus on creating images to print, as opposed to viewing on special digital software programmes, and the detail I can achieve is sufficient for prints up to 5 metres across, as I find creating wall prints far more satisfying to do!

How to buy one of my panoramic views of London

See my London Panoramas shop to browse and to order a print. There you will see a growing collection of my London panoramic photographs. Each is available to purchase as a limited edition fine art printprinted on archival fine art paper, either framed and ready to hang, or unframed on archival paper. Each panorama of London is available in various sizes, bespoke or custom sizes are available too, please enquire.

If there is any particular view that you are looking for, get in touch as I might have it already, or would be happy to do it as a special commission.

All of these panoramic images are also available to license as digital images to use on your websites, brochures or any publication.

Click this link for a more complete selection of my London panoramic photographs than those included in my London Panoramic shop section.

FAQ on buying a print

The London Panoramic Photographs shop has growing selection of my London Panoramas but click this link to see a fuller selection of my panoramic views of London