Mediterranean Dreaming

Mediterranean Dreaming

Some islands leave you with something beyond just a happy summer memory. 

Panarea is one of these. It is the most achingly beautiful and of the seven islands that make up the dramatic and diverse Aeolian archipelago, forged by volcanic action that is still very much active today. A rare gem, as quintessentially evocative of summer, joy, colour and happiness as any of the myriads of Italian islands in or indeed as anywhere on the Mediterranean coastline.

Panarea is the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, a tiny dot in the ocean, not even included on many maps until the 1970s. It is a carefree, barefoot island of unspoilt beauty, a paradise of whitewashed houses with colourful bougainvillea-lined terraces boasting some of the world’s best views of the sea, with its own archipelago of satellite rocks and islets. The clear skies and unlit streets also offers sublime views of the night sky, with  brightest stars you can imagine.
It is truly one of the most shining jewels in the crown of Italy’s myriads of stunning islands.

I have been photographing Panarea for decades, and there I find the archetypal Mediterranean vistas that I look for, with its unique qualities of light and colour which you can see on this page.

These Italian Summer inspired collection will imbue your home or office with light, and fill your lives with colour and happiness, enhancing your soul with that earthy and unique Mediterranean spirit and joy of living.

Terrace and Chairs, Raya, framed, in interior
Bougainvillea, Terrace and Stromboli, archival giclée print in wooden frame and mount

Illuminate your interiors with colours, light and joy

Whitewashed walls fringed with pink bougainvilleas, columns standing out against a sapphire blue sky, deckchairs placed on terraces overlooking the sea, colourful fishing boats on the jetty, lemons on a table.

The photographs from my Panarea collection will fill your life with sizzling sunshine, joy, colour and happiness.

I strive to not just take images: I create dreams, I raise emotions, I evoke the Mediterranean and its ancient seafaring cultures to life.

See the collection of the most dream-like of Mediterranean images

See a fuller collection of my Panarea and Aeolian Island images on my Lightroom Gallery (external link)

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Panarea view in office interior

Panarea view in office interior

Stromboli and Basiluzzo, acrylic glass print on aluminium, framed

Black & White images of the Mediterranean Aeolian Islands

I have also a sizeable collection of black and white images of Panarea and the Aeolian Islands which I have shot both on film as well as digital, over the past 30 years.

There is something immensely evocative and elemental of graphic aspect of monochrome that I find fits so well with the light of Sicily’s islands, with the deep tones of the skies and the dazzling whitewashed cuboid and Euclidian forms of the architecture.

Although most of my favourite images are in colour, I am still particularly fond of the aesthetic of black and white and I will always continue to evolve it.

Framing information

These images are available as either unframed fine art prints on Hahnemülhe art paper, or ready to hang
as acrylic glass prints on an aluminium base, with or without a frame.

Read more about framing options

Unframed prints

If you need to have the print shipped, an unframed print is the best option. They are museum quality archival giclée prints on Hahnemülhe fine art paper. Rolled up in a tube, they’re easy to send to anywhere in the world.

unframed print

Acrylic glass prints

These are superlative, ultra high resolution prints, with the print bonded between 6mm of acrylic glass, and an 3mm aluminium dibond base. An aluminium  bracket is on the back for hanging. They look sleek and modern with no frame.

Acrylic glass framing

Acrylic glass with wooden frame

These acrylic glass prints are perhaps even more elegant with a solid wooden frame, available in a variety of different finishes, including white, maple, oak, dark brown alder and black. This is combined with 2mm acrylic glass on aluminium

Acrylic glass 2mm with maple frame

Bespoke framing

Should you require a more classic style of framing with a mount and glass, then get in touch.

Adam's Steps and Shadows picture in at the framer's
Traditional framing
Framing a giclée print
Escape To Panarea perfume by Dolce e Gabbana - image by Adam Butler

Alleyway and Bougainvilleas

Fashion house Dolce e Gabbana chose one of my images of Panarea for their perfume “Escape to Panarea”.

See the image

Beautiful Images of this most unique of islands

“Photographs to take your breath away”

Sette Mulini Terrace #1 acrylic mount with brown frame

Sette Mulini Terrace

Acrylic glass print with wooden frame

Moments of serenity

“My grandparents were from Panarea, I am so thrilled to have a little of their world in
my home In Australia now with a beautiful print by Adam Butler”

Sunrise Panorama, Panarea, framed acrylic glass print
Bougainvillea, Terrace and Dattilo, framed acrylic glass print , in interior
Lotte acrylic framed in interior
Alleyway, Drauto in interior
Modern Interior with Panarea Terrace photo
Waiting for the Summer, acrylic glass print with wooden Hamburg frame, in interior