Sunrise Iditella, 2020

An ultra high resolution panoramic view of the Sunrise as seen from Iditella on the Aeolian island of Panarea. Mid-October, 2020.

The sunrise as seen from the northern side of Panarea as the most spectacular I know with the alignment of the island elements and the layout of the land.It took me a long time to edit this multi-shot panorama as I was determined to get it just right.

What is important in images such as this is the glow of the light and the warmth of certain tones, which need to evoke the majestic scene of the sun rising above the horizon, showering everything in its golden glow, and all of the gold-leaf like flecks of sunlight on the leaves of the trees and bushes as the low light illuminates them.

I take many of these images but only in some are the clouds spread out harmoniously as in this scene here – as if radiating radially from the sun. The house in the foreground is of a good friend of mine, and I can assure you the the views from the terraces are as spectacular as you can imagine.

I also concurrently shot, using my second camera, a timelapse of this amazing morning, see it in the timelapse gallery.

As I am such a vainglorious narcissist, I furthermore made a video of me unboxing, signing and dating a print of this panorama for a collector in Milan who ordered one – see here

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Framing information

 This image is available to order as either unframed fine art prints on Hahnemülhe art paper, or ready to hang
as acrylic glass prints on an aluminium base, with or without a frame.

Unframed prints

If you need to have the print shipped, an unframed print is the best option. They are museum quality archival giclée prints on Hahnemülhe fine art paper. Rolled up in a tube, they’re easy to send to anywhere in the world.

Acrylic glass prints

These are superlative, ultra high resolution prints, with the print bonded between 6mm of acrylic glass, and an 3mm aluminium dibond base. An aluminium  bracket is on the back for hanging. They look sleek and modern with no frame.

Acrylic glass with wooden frame

These acrylic glass prints are perhaps even more elegant with a solid wooden frame, available in a variety of different finishes, including white, maple, oak, dark brown alder and black. This is combined with 2mm acrylic glass on aluminium

unframed print
6mm acrylic glass, no frame
Acrylic glass 2mm with maple frame

Unframed Prints

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45cm x 135cm – £550.00
50cm x 150cm – £600.00
60cm x 180cm – £750.00
67cm x 200cm – £975.00
80cm x 240cm – £1,200.00
97cm x 290cm – £1,500.00
Custom sizes also available

6mm acrylic glass on aluminium 

30cm x 90 cm – £478.00
45cm x 135cm – £907.00
50cm x 150cm – £1,010.00
60cm x 180cm – £1,356.00
*67cm x 200cm – £1,600.00
*80cm x 240cm – £2.094.00
*97cm x 290cm – £2,995.00
(*only available in 2mm size)

2mm acrylic glass & wooden frame

30cm x 90 cm – £511.00
45cm x 135cm – £936.00
50cm x 150cm – £1,036.00
60cm x 180cm – £1,365.00
67cm x 200cm – £1,708.00
80cm x 240cm – £2,237.00
97cm x 290cm – £3,221.00
Larger sizes – please enquire

All of the above prices include vat at 20%.

This image is in a limited edition, each print is signed and numbered by me. But the 30 x 90cm version is in an open edition.

Bespoke framing

Should you require a more classic style of framing with a mount and glass, then get in touch.

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Panarea and Stromboli, December Sky

Panarea and Stromboli, December Sky
Captured December 2020

Iditella Sunrise 2020 detail 2
Iditella Sunrise 2020 detail 3
Iditella Sunrise 2020 detail 1

Click to enlarge to see details of the image in full resolution

See a video of me signing, dating and numbering this panoramic print of Panarea, “Sunrise Iditella”.