Feedback from Courses

‘I can really recommend Adam’s photography course, he is very personable and obviously technically knowledgeable but has a wonderful teaching style. He explains things really well without making you feel stupid. My day passed so quickly and he really helped me to decide how to move my photography forward. I am now going back for some more in depth tuition in Photoshop. Thanks so much.’
Claire H, London

‘I was amazed at how much there was to learn in photography! The technical aspects were explained in a way to make understanding them both fascinating and interesting, with many practical illustrations, and it has helped me master how to use my camera and what all those dials can do. Now I am keen to get out and take photographs!’
Lucy B, London

‘After getting the learning of depth of field etc. of the way, Adam explains in great depth but in a clear manner all about composition, and what makes a good photo – and how I could improve other photos that are not good (obvious now!). He has a fantastic way of teaching and showing what you can achieve with digital photography. I think I have learnt a huge amount in just one day.’
John G, Herts

‘I am so glad that I spent a day with Adam doing the “digital photography” course – I was about to spend a fortune buying some new lenses for my camera but he explained that it’s more important to use your imagination in photography even with basic tools rather than spend money on things you’ll never really need…I chose to do a one-on-one tailored to my needs so that we could also concentrate a lot on Photoshop, which is what I also wanted to get a grip of, and I now have! A great day…and I have saved a lot on not buying the extra equipment!’
Katerina A, London

‘Adam gave me some private tuition that was extremely helpful. He has the ability to keep it clear and simple from composition and camera handling and to post processing. He is very enthusiastic and is a natural teacher. Truly worthwhile course.’
Hans N, London

‘I did the one to one Interior Photography course with Adam and can’t recommend it highly enough.
He was really helpful on teaching me different approaches to interior photography regarding gear, composition, light, etc. He also gave me an interesting overview of the market and how its works’.
Federico R, London

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