Landscape and Cityscape Photography Course

Many “fine art” photographs are landscapes or cityscapes. Most photographers are judged on how skilled they are in creating images of the world around them.

This Landscape and Cityscape Photography Course will enable you to create dramatic images of the countryside or of cityscapes good enough to hang on your wall – or perhaps even on the wall of a gallery or collector.

This course is primarily theoretical, designed to give you the techniques, and to develop and eye through understanding composition, with limited opportunity to go out to photograph*

What is covered includes:-

  • What makes a good landscape or cityscape photograph.
  • Looking at landscapes in art and by great photographers.
  • Cameras and lenses and additional equipment needed for landscape and cityscape photography.
  • Composition of landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Creating depth and movement in images.
  • Using light and colour in landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Using specialist photography filters
  • Using specialist photography lenses.
  • Panoramic or scenic photography.
  • Travel photography.
  • Photographing in difficult conditions, in low light or at night
  • People in landscapes and cityscapes
  • Colour or black and white?
  • Shooting at particular times of day or light conditions.
  • How to process your photographs and prepare them for printing or to post onto a website.
  • Editing, adjusting and enhancing your photographs with Photoshop
  • What file formats to use
  • How to present your photographs
  • Looking at students’ photographs and evaluating them.

The Landscape and Cityscape Photography Course will give you the photographic skills and techniques, as well as a greater understanding of composition, to start to create great eye-catching images of the world around you.

*It is recommended to take this course in conjunction with the purely practical evening course of Photographing London and its Buildings in which Adam will work with you as a photographic guide and expert in and around London, helping you improve your techniques and to take better pictures of the London scenery and cityscapes. It is advisable to do the main course first in order to benefit fully from this.

The London Eye at Dawn

The London Eye at Dawn
This image was taken with a tilt shift lens and with a strong ND filter to smooth out the surface of the water.

Stromboli Night and Stars

Stromboli Night with Stars

This image took considerable skill in the processing in order to bring out these marvellous colours. However sophisticated your camera might be, only by mastering the techniques which you will learn on this course will you be able to create images like this.