Photographing People course

The photographing people course is for those who want to concentrate on photographing their friends, families, children, or special events up to a professional level.

A variety of subjects are covered, in order for you to improve and perfect your technique in different areas.

• What is a portrait? What makes a good portrait?
• Portraits in art.
• Portraits by photography masters.
• Composing and creating a portrait.
• Camera techniques to use in portraiture.
• What lenses are best for portraits?
• What settings on your camera to use.
• Should you use flash for portraits?
• Photographing people informally and formally.
• Photographing people at work.
• Photographing people doing sport or during fast activities.
• Photographing children.
• Capturing portraits of people or children on holiday.
• Street photography of people.
• Difficult lighting conditions – outdoor portraits at night, indoor lighting, photographing at sunset, etc.
• An introduction to photographing weddings and special events.
• Photographing nudes, intimate portraits or glamour shots.
• Using Photoshop in portraits.
• Common mistakes.
• Looking at students’ photographs and evaluating them.
• Looking at a selection of Adam Butler’s photographs and discussing them.
• General discussion and questions.

You will need to have participated in Adam's photographing people course if you are asked to take a portrait of someone famous!

The artist David Hockney in Palermo, Sicily.



Adam was commissioned to take this portrait of David Hockney in 2008 in Sicily. He elected to portray the artist next to the swimming pool at the beautiful Villa Igea Hotel in Palermo, in honour of Hockney’s iconic painting “A Bigger Splash” in the Tate Gallery.





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