Portraits by Adam Butler

Recently I have comcentrated on shooting more and more portriats I love the challenge of capturing someone’s fleeting expression, a hint of their character, a feeling of their mood.

This I do especially in a setting that has some meaning. These “environmental” portraits always have a special meaning for the sitter, they are less the sterile style of studio based shots.

I will of course also shoot portraits in my studio, with a set up of strobes and light modifiers, and then blend in a background in post production.

But wherever possible I prefer to capture portraits in a real life setting, using natural light .

Please enquire if you are interested in discussing having your own portrait taken by me.

Hans, engineer and cyclist
Behi Shamiri, painter
Marco Gambino, actor
Giacomo Alessi
Miriam Tesoriero
David Hockney at Villa Igiea, Palermo
Mark Ali, cardiothoratic surgeon
Bartolino Basile, "il Bandito"

Personaggi di Panarea – Aeolian Islander Portraits

Alistair Williams and Joe Ridout, bespoke furniture makers

Commissioned Portraits