Le Case dei Sette Mulini

Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Le Case dei Setti Mulini, Panarea, Sicily

This is one of the most beautiful houses in the Aeolian Islands, the volcanic archipelago located off the north eastern tip of Sicily. It was originally a cluster of houses (the “Seven Millars’ Houses”) it was acquired in the early 1960s by the leading art dealer Erika Brausen and her companion the model Toto Koopman.

Erika ran the Hanover Gallery in London, which launched the careers of many of the greatest 20th century artists including Francis Bacon and Alberto Giacometti.  Toto’s beguiling Dutch-Javanese lineage and exotic beauty led her to become the most famous model of her time, as well as the favourite of photographer George Hoyningen-Heune, featuring in many of his most iconic images. Read more about Toto.

Together they re-built the rooms and laid out the gardens and interconnecting pathways as they are still today; with luscious fig, almond and lemon trees, along with many species of flowering cacti and bougainvilleas. As much as anyone else, they are responsible for making Panarea into the alluring jet-set destination it became, bringing to their house as guests many of their illustrious and aristocratic friends and clients from across the globe.

Both Erika and Toto died in 1991, and the house now belongs to a family from South Africa who have faithfully restored it to its original splendour, as can be seen in the images here.

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Toto Koopman

Toto Koopman, in a photograph by George Hoyningen Huene taken in 1934