Eruption of Stromboli

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Eruption of Stromboli

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This amazing scene I captured in October 2015. It was an enormous eruption of Stromboli, one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Normally it erupts in energetic but short bursts, enough to leave a line of ash and smoke trailing across the sky continually. But this time was violent, the cloud of ash, steam and fire billowed a mile high into the sky.

I was lucky to have had my camera with me, as these spectacles are very rare indeed. I stood still for half an hour observing this dramatic but visually splendid scene unfold, unable to move. I barely shot any images, just a few as the cloud multiplied exponentially, until the I knew the maximum height had been reached. I knew straight away I had captured a unique day of this awesome volcano, to me unequalled in beauty and setting across the world.

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