La Calcara Rock

A limited edition Aeolian Island dreamscape

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La Calcara Rock

This view of Panarea by Adam Butler is available in any custom size in a single panel up to 240 x 500cm. Please contact me for details

Winter time in the Mediterranean can often bring out the most dramatic, evocative, moody, brooding colours imaginable. It is for sure my favourite time to photograph, despite the lack of those clear days and primary coloured flowers, especially in the Aeolian Islands. There is something about the melancholy, emptiness of the low season in a summer resort which appeals to my sense of aesthetic. There is something elemental about seeing especially a sparsely inhabited island as Panarea as it might have been 50 years ago, or 100 or even 1000 years ago. Nothing will have changed. The same feeling of the seasons weighing upon the soul, waiting for life to return.
These minimalist yet emotionally highly charged landscapes are what I really love, with the dark skies, the ominous clouds, the approaching dark.
This is a quiet stretch of the coastline of Panarea facing almost due north called La Calcara, which features a surreal collection of volcanic fumaroles and hot water springs. It is only accessible by sea or via a long, winding walk down the steep mountainside. It has a strange collection of volcanic boulders, incongruous and yet at the same time with a sense of timelessness immovability. It has always been a place I have always found utterly mesmeric.
This image I captured using one of my favourite lenses, the Nikon 45mm tilt shift architectural lens, which allows me to capture a wide panorama by digitally blending multiple separate shots without moving the camera, thereby creating a highly detailed, geometrically pure image with no parallax or rotational correction necessary.
Bougainvillea, Terrace and Stromboli



Lose yourself in the Mediterranean and the very essence of the Aeolian Islands with Adam’s sunny and unique collection of the pristinely beautiful Panarea

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