Recently I have started experimented in what I call multi-sensory “Synesthesia” images. These I create by taking multiple shots of a subject, moving slightly the camera, and allowing the natural busy movements of people in the shots to also add further blur and action to each individual image. I then slowly blend in each layer with varying amounts of opacity and using various blend modes on Photoshop.

The images that work out are satisfyingly contemporary, evocative, stimulating to the senses and brimming with movement and dynamism. I am inspired, in a certain way, by what the Italian Futurist artists Marinetti, Severini, Carrà, Balla and Boccioni were experimenting with in the early 1900s, seeking to evoke in their visionary works the burgeoning industrialisation, automation, and the blurred movement of crowds in cities, streets and factories.

See my collection of Synesthesia images visible here to purchase  to decorate your walls at home or in the office, or boardroom.

Limited edition prints of these images available in sizes on a single panel from 30cm x 45 cm up to 240 x 500cm, or as diptychs, or triptychs significantly larger.

 Please enquire for more information.

These views are all available unframed, on museum grade archival Hahnemulhe Photograg or Baryta paper, for easy shipping.They are also available framed with mount, or as acrylic glass prints on aluminium, with or without frames. See the framing page for details.

They are also available to be licensed for any editorial, advertising, or other use, please enquire.