Adam Butler Portrait December 2020


My work, life and family

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, into an Italian speaking household. I went to school in Edinburgh, and studied at the University of London, at the Courtauld Institute of Art. I now live between London and Italy, spending as much time as possible in my family’s home on the little island of Panarea, one of the Aeolian Islands off Sicily.

I photograph interiors and architecture for clients in London, as well as panoramic and cityscapes and timelapses of the city. In Sicily I capture the evocative Mediterranean scenes, along with making videos and timelapses of volcano eruptions. 

Hundreds of my photographs are in corporate and private collections all across the world. A wide range of my cityscapes and panoramic views, of London and other cities, as well as Mediterranean views of Panarea and Aeolian Islands, can be viewed and purchased directly from this website.

For commercial work I have specialized in architecture and interior design photography, whether commercial, residential, public or private. I am available for photography commissions anywhere in the world. I have worked for over 20 years with a wide variety of architects, interior designers, building companies, bespoke furniture makers and developers, as well as for banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and showrooms. Many private home owners have also contacted me to create a visual record of their beautiful homes.

I am also increasingly photographing people, as can be seen in my portraits page, both commercial and environmental, and some of my timelapses of thunderstorms, erupting volcanoes, comets and stars (sometimes all together) have reached over half a million views on my Facebook page, they’re also on my Youtube page. Don’t miss looking at my Instagram page too!

My images and features have been published in dozens of books and in the leading interiors, residential architecture and lifestyle magazines worldwide including AD Italia, Casa Vogue, Elle Décor, Diseño Interior, La Mia Casa, Homes and Gardens, House and Gardens, Spazio Casa, Ville e Casali, and many more. 

See the portfolio section for examples of my commercial work, and the magazine covers which used my images, and see selection of the clients with whom  I have worked.

I am married to French-Canadian Frédérique, and we have two children, and a mini-schnauzer dog called Maia. When not photographing or editing, or trying to finish this website, I enjoy playing the classical guitar, I keep fit by regularly cycling, running, golfing, swimming and snorkelling.

I also run photography courses, especially on interiors and architectural photography which has proven to be extremely popular.

My late father Vincent Butler was a well known sculptor working in bronze in Edinburgh. My father-in-law is the novelist Roch Carrier, one of the few authors whose books have been taken into space, and who have had a bank note (Canadian $5 bill) based on one of their stories (see below).

Dattilo Sunrise II-in-interior

Press coverage

Il Vagabondo delle Stelle

Gazzetta del Sud, 14th March 2021

Most recent article on me – in the Gazzetta del Sud newspaper by journalist Claudia Benassai

See the online feature

Una Dose Quotidiana di Bellezza,  June 2019

Read about my work and living between London and Panarea in the blog by Silvia Novelli – “Una Dose Quotidiana di Bellezza“, June 2019

Adam photographing after a long, hot walk up to the rim of the dormant crater of Vulcano island, where the name comes from, in Sicily.
Article on Adam in the Marylebone Journal

Marylebone Journal,  2018

Read about my work and family life, and the London neighbourhood where we live, in an article by Jean-Paul Aubin-Parvu in the Marylebone Journal, 2018.

London Visual Arts,  2015

I was featured in an article in the online magazine London Visual Arts by Alessandra de Costanzo

Adam Butler in his studio
Article on Adam in the Marylebone Journal

Covid Memorial Wall, 2021

I was recently asked by the visionary Led by Donkeys team to photograph the National Covid Memorial Wall on the south bank riverside walk opposite the Houses of Parliament in London.

Using my experience in panoramic and architectural photography, and my technical photographic equipment, I managed to capture with extreme accuracy all of the 150,000 hearts on the many sections of the wall. These wall sections were blended together into one immensely long image which can be viewed by scrolling on the National Covid Memorial Wall website.

Photography Locations

Many of my panoramic views and photographs of London are taken from high vantage points. Please get in touch if you’d like one shot from your terrace or balcony if you have one with a great view!

Escape To Panarea perfume by Dolce e Gabbana - image by Adam Butler

Dolce e Gabbana – Escape to Panarea, 2014

My photograph Alleyway with Bougainvilleas in Panarea was used for the “Escape to Panarea” perfume by Italian fashion brand Dolce e Gabbana

Alleyway, Drauto

 Panarea Book, 1998

My book of images of Panarea, published in 1998. Extremely few copies remain! I’ve been planning a new one for some time – please contact me if you are interested.

Panarea book, 1998
The Art Book

 The Art Book, Phaidon Press 1995

I wrote over half of entries for the mega best-selling “The Art Book” by Phaidon Press. I  studied art history at London University’s well-known Courtauld Institute of Art.

Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk reading Roch Carrier's Hockey Sweater Book in the International Space Station

Roch Carrier, OC

My wife Frédérique’s dad is Roch Carrier, one of Canada’s best known novelists. His short story The Hockey Sweater (Le Chandail de Hockey) is well known and loved by all Canadians. So much so that astronaut Robert Thirsk (pictured here) took 2 copies with him onto the International Space Station. “Who wrote the Hockey Sweater?” is one of the questions asked in the official Canadian citizenship test. An excerpt from this book and Roch’s name were until recently on every Canadian $5 dollar bill.

 Vincent Butler RSA, RGI

See the website of bronze sculptures by my dad Vincent 1933-2017

Rachel as Eve, full size bust in bronze by sculptor Vincent Butler